Trauma Clinic Peace Garden (TCPG)

Many local people have been traumatised by the continuing violence, rape and growing drug abuse.

There are 12 inspiring local trauma counsellors, based in 3-4 villages in simple “listening rooms”, trained to offer listening, healing and reconciliation. They also go into schools to raise awareness and to organise activities for children and young people.

QCP funded counsellor training by HROC and THARS, two trauma organisations with close links to Quakers.

QCP funds also enabled the completion of a small Trauma Clinic (TCPG) that contains two bedrooms, consulting/interview rooms and an office. 
Rape survivor

QCP pays for school fees, sports and creative activities for 27 children and teenagers orphaned by violence.

With more funds we could support more children!

We are ensuring that the voice of the traumatised child is expressed and heard.
Orphans drumming

The Trauma Counselling & Peace Garden project - supporting the development of trauma counselling through locally trained volunteer counsellors, for those who have suffered in the wars.  Our support is helping to provide additional training of volunteer counsellors, to expand the service beyond the pilot village of Makabola (below) - and to complete and equip a partially-constructed new building in Abeka to provide adequate facilities for the service.

One of the Makabola orphan girls supported by CEEACO, badly burned in the massacre, writes to the children of Manchester Quaker meeting. Makabola was the site of a massacre of over 700 men, women and children in 1998, during the war which began in this area. 

View a clip of the girl above reading her letter to Manchester children (0:47 minutes, with English translation, March 2008).

View a clip of a Makabola orphan boy reading a poem he wrote to express his experiences (1:23 minutes, in French, March 2008).

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