Women’s Forum Loan Fund

As a result of the violence, many women are left alone to support themselves and their children. This includes raped women, often abandoned by their families. At least 60 women have been given $US 50 to start new small businesses, such as fishing, farming and market stalls.

CEEACO also provide seminars on savings and credit which were described as an ”awakening to the women involved”.

In the future loans will go to small groups of women who will receive training and support each other.

Supervisor Andjelani 
Beneficiaries of Loan Fund

Our support is being used to establish loan funds to provide very small loans to enable women to develop new small enterprises, to generate income to support their families - and to provide training and support to the womens’ groups supported by CEEACO to manage these loan funds themselves. As well as small individual enterprises, the women are keen to establish larger, co-operative enterprises including grain and palm oil mills, and bakeries.

Women in Uvira use sewing 
machines to make garments for sale.
Women selling fish caught in Lake Tanganyika outside their homes in Abeka. 

View a clip of the CEEACO Women's Forum opening their meeting in Abeka with a song  (1:46 minutes, March 2008). 

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