Our current priorities                                                                                                    

Replacement ambulance

The hospital ambulance has broken down and there is no way to transport sick people, including women with life-threatening pregnancies, to the Community Hospital in Abeka.  We need a four-wheel drive vehicle for an ambulance.  WF Southall Trust has given us £4,000 for a motor cycle with sidecar,  adapted as an ambulance, which is on order.  We thank them warmly for this.

The cost:  £15,400 - £23,000 (ambulance)

Peace building

Young people were trained as monitors in the recent national election. It was the first time power was transferred peacefully from one president to another since the country became independent from Belgium in 1960.  There is still so much peace building to do between numerous tribes, and young people within CEEACO want to develop and extend their work.  

The cost: anything you feel able to give. Even small amounts make a difference.

New trustees

In the UK, we have an urgent need for new trustees to carry this work forward.   We have no staff or office.  

We ask for enthusiasm and energy from our trustees and associates.  (See page "To help us").