June 2013 news

A day for peace in Congo
Peace Direct

A story from the town of Sango which is near our hospital in Abeka. It illustrates the situation in the region and provides some hope for the future as young people try to calm local tensions.

In DR Congo a lingering guerrilla war threatens the rule of law and efforts at peace. Bands of armed militiamen live deep in the rainforest, preying on villages and worsening tribal rivalries. To knit these fragmented communities back together, peacebuilders from Chirezi have set up the Barazas – village law courts run by local volunteers on traditional lines. These offer fast and affordable access to justice to settle local disputes before they escalate into bloody confrontations. Here’s one day in the life of a young Baraza volunteer, Gustave Mushagalusa, told in his own words. Gustave is 28 years old.

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