July 2015 news

Water project launched

Checking back through the QCP minutes I find that we were discussing the need for clean water for the village and hospital in 2012 if not before. The need was clear; women were carrying cans of water from the lake or streams. These are polluted and water born disease is common. The problem was how to do it technically, and how to raise the money. At first we could not find a way round either of these problems, and then through contact with Friendly Water in the USA we began to make progress. The position and physical geography of the village meant that water has to be piped downhill some considerable distance, so considerable engineering work is needed and the cost would be $90,000, assuming no overrun.
We tried to make contact with a number of NGOs with expertise in water management, but these efforts did not provide a solution. We started fund raising, had an interest group at Yearly Meeting Gathering 2014 and received many individual donations and then donations from QPSW, The Radley Trust, and The Southall Trust. 

In June 2014 Nigel Watts, Margaret Gregory and Margaret’s husband Andrew visited, walked up the mountain as far as the site of the upper tank, met with representatives of CEEACO and the village and promised to raise the money to provide clean water. This promise was made in faith that the money would be found, and it has been. Thanks to Friends and to God.

There have been times in the last year when I have felt almost overwhelmed by the responsibility of trying to get the arrangements right. The responsibility for managing the project is with CEEACO and the local project committee which oversees all the work we are financing, but we have a duty of care to make sure our donors money is used properly. We have been receiving good quality reports of the work done by the hospital, trauma recovery and micro credit projects, and our money has been clearly accounted for. This means we have a trust in the CEEACO team managing the projects.  

At last there was a clear way forward and on 22nd of July 2015 we asked the bank to send the first payment to the water project. We had already heard from Abeka that work on clearing the land needed for the tanks had started.

I am sure there will be much more work to do over the next few months to ensure this project reaches a successful conclusion, but at this moment I have a wonderful feeling of lightness and thankfulness, particularly thankfulness to all those who have supported this project in faith and trust.

Margaret Gregory